Let me paint something unique just for you!  Custom paintings are also a great gift for someone special.


I really enjoy the collaborative process of a commissioned piece.  Fine art is an investment so you may as well get something that fits your style and decor precisely.  


 Please let me know if there any of my previous paintings that you're attracted to.  I can also look at works from different artists to get an idea of the type of painting you'd like.  Any other sources of inspiration are helpful as well.  Photos of your space, color scheme and swatches are great. 

2.  SIZE

My typical sizes are as follows:

20"x 24"

24" x 30"

24" x 36"

30"x 30"

36" x 36"

30" x 40"

36"x 48"

Prices range from $700 - $1900. SHIPPING will be quoted and be an additional charge.

If another size is preferred, we can definitley discuss that. 


Once we have discussed your preferences, a 50% payment is required to begin. I will also give you a price for shipping according to the size.  Along the way, I will keep you posted with photos to make sure we are on the same page.  It's my goal to produce a piece of art that you have contributed to and are happy with.  Three alterations are included in the purchase.  

Depending on the size and the wait list, it takes approximately 3-6 weeks for completion of custom pieces.  


For the down payment as well as the final payment, I will send an invoice or link to my website for payment.  The final 50% is due at shipment or pickup.  Shipping is not included in the purchase and will be estimated prior to starting.

Let's get started!

Browse the site and the images below to give you some inspiration …

Breakfast at Tiffany's Commission Kristin Cooney Studio
Bridget Commission Kristin Cooney Studio
Pink Skies Ahead above pink couch Kristin Cooney Studio
Cosmopolitan in Situ Kristin Cooney Studio Commission
Blue Lagoon in French Interior.jpg
Octopus's Garden 36x36 with stools.jpg