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I absolutely LOVE it when you come to me with your ideas for a custom piece of art. For those of you unsure of the process, lets take a walk through this FUN process
There are many reasons why people come to me for a commissioned artwork.
Let's look at a few reasons
Sometimes, the piece you really love is the wrong size or color palette for your home.  Perhaps you want a piece of mine "tweaked" a bit to fit your vision. An original piece can be created to coordinate with your room and design.
Here's an inspiration piece from an earlier collection of mine.  This client was expecting a baby girl and planning her nursery with a Cherry Blossom theme. 
  Of course, I couldn't wait to get started with this one - pinks and abstract flowers...my favorite!
Take a look at her final piece in a similar fashion but perfectly coordinating with her lilac accents and gray undertones in her nursery.
I can't tell you how many times I've recreated MAURA as a commission.  She's a popular print but many have requested an original with their own flair.
Here's the original MAURA, which is available as print.
My client wanted her MAURA to be holding a pink martini and look like Grace Kelly, right down to the pearls. 
The square format fit her home best...and voila.
We even matched the lipstick to the martini!
You like an artist's style and you'd like them to apply that to a cherished photo or a special memory.  Working with your family photos is a very popular request among my clients and it's such a fun process bringing your memories to life in an original artwork. 
This client loved my ORIGINAL PAINTING and PRINT of THREE LADIES because it reminded her of her 3 daughters. 
 We changed the hair color and dress colors to more truly reflect her girls.  She also requested an unusual size that I was able to have custom built for her.  It now hangs in her beautiful living room adjacent to an abstract commission.  
Another client already had this fun and carefree print of
in her home. 
It reminded her of fun times at their family lake house and gave her the great idea to have a commissioned piece done of her boys in a similar fashion.  
This final COMMISSION was a special request as a gift from three grown siblings to their mother.  They knew she adored this photo of them as young kids at the beach.  We were able to recreate it in my style and it is now a cherished heirloom.
As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

 So, how do we start?

1. Visit HERE to get all the nitty gritty details and fill out the form with your ideas. I'll get back to you and we'll make a plan for your piece.

2. Prices are $1.40 per square inch plus shipping.  Shipping will be quoted to you once I have your address.

3.  Once you're ready, I will send you an invoice for the 50% deposit.

4.  I get started with your masterpiece and send photos along the way.

5.  Once you've approved the completed artwork, you'll receive an invoice for the final payment.

6.  Your artwork is given the white-glove treatment and shipped insured with tracking information.  

7.  You hang your piece in that special spot in your home and (hopefully) send me a photo of it once it's all settled in.  Okay, I don't absolutely NEED a photo...but they make me so happy!



My completion window is usually 3-6 weeks and I'd be happy to discuss your special project with you or your designer!





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