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Welcome to my world!
I am self-taught artist, surrounding myself with joy every day.  Whether the company of my family, the beauty of nature, or glimpses of elegance in everyday life, my areas of inspiration are reflected in my colorful artwork.  My artwork is mostly oils or acrylic on canvas, using many applications of paint to get the desired effect of either soft abstract compositions or loose figures.  My female figure paintings evoke a sense of glamour and luxury while the florals and abstracts reflect my colorful and lively spirit.  My goal is to paint with an elegance fitting for any style of interior design.
My life is overflowing with inspiration for creativity.  As a mother of triplets, I find myself surrounded with comfort and happiness everyday.  I try to capture those feelings in the bright colors of my works and nothing brings an artist more joy than sharing that with others. 
Luckily, I was encouraged to be creative all through my childhood, with a mother as a teacher and art-lover and a father as a Dentist.  After completing my Pre-Med college education with a concentration in English and Art, I decided to pursue the profession of Dentistry.  My father knew my love for art was very important to me and when he explained that “artistry is half of dentistry”, I knew it was the right path for me. 
After completing my education at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, I was eager to let my creativity flow again.  I moved to Atlanta in 1997 and have taken art classes ever since. 
I now live in Marietta, Georgia where I enjoy life with my husband, Ed and three children Maggie, Erin, and Matthew.  When I'm not with family or in the studio, I practice Dentistry in Roswell, Georgia.