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One of the most commonly asked questions I get from clients like you is....
"How do I know what size art to buy?"
Of course, that depends on the spot you plan to fill with art.  But, here are some great guidelines:
Original Bathing Beauties painting by Kristin Cooney Studio.  How to hang art

 1.  The width of the art should be approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture beneath it.

This styled photo of DARLA shows this well, especially with her coordinating coastal themed items in this vignette. 





Original painting by Kristin Cooney.  How to hang art


 Even though this piece, KELLY, is the same size as the furniture beneath it, it still works.

If you had art that's 2/3 the width of this small table, the art would be way too small.  

If in doubt, always go BIGGER.


How to hang art, Kristin Cooney

3.  The average sofa is 84" in length.  This photo shows how each size of art compares to the size of the sofa.  

Nothing looks cheaper than small art in a big space.




Floral paintings Gallery Wall - how to hang art, Kristin Cooney

4.  If you don't have the budget for BIG ART, a few affordable prints can do the job.  Just make sure they fill the same amount of space that a big piece of art would fill.
Most of my PRINTS hang well with each other and were planned for that.  
You can mix and match
for a well curated wall.
5.  To complete that special nook, make it a true vignette.  Adding some decorative items in front of a piece really ties the space together and avoids the look of a painting floating in space.  
This photo shows two lamps and a vase of flowers in front of an original piece of art, "BODACIOUS BLOOMS".  But, even just the vase of flowers would be enough if you chose not to cover as much of the art.  
A big space between the art and the table would look incomplete and unprofessional.  
How to Hang Art - Kristin Cooney
Being a collector of ORIGINAL ART means not just buying the art, but knowing how to display it.  
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